Our mission is to give people around the world
a new image of Japanese “WA”

We are here to present
a new Tokyo-style kimonos to the world.

Living in foreign country, you might only be wearing KIMONO in such occasions:

YUKATA, a casual robe, at summer festivalFormal, traditional KIMONO at special events like Japanese day, tea ceremony and ikebana flower arrangement.
In Tokyo…more people are enjoying KIMONO as a fashion, like wearing YUKATA as a summer dress.Our hope is that you enjoy KIMONO the same way as we do.

Enjoy Kimonos at the scene of
semi-formal dress code.

Try wearing KIMONO when you are asked for semi-formal, ‘Smart Casual’ dress code… when you are having lunch in a hottest Italian restaurant, at a rooftop bar, or at an art gallery receptions.

 It would not be appropriate to wear formal kimonos or casual yukatas in these situations, but our new, contemporary KIMONO would go perfectly.

  KIMONO as a contemporary Japanese fashion, would catch everybody’s attention.  Being regarded as a fashionista, you would be the one to innovate new images of Japanese KIMONO.

  Our goal is to see the modern, stylish KIMONO in every corner of the world.